Look Back In Anger

by John Osborne

The fiftieth anniversary production of a play which changed the face of British theatre forever. The play brought the drama of real life to the stage for the first time and introduced the expression 'Angry Young Man' to the world. Critic Kenneth Tynan, reviewing in the Observer wrote, "I doubt if I could love anyone who did not wish to see Look Back in Anger.

Jimmy Porter is passionate, articulate and educated but trapped within a dead end job and the claustraphobia of the bed-sit where he lives with his wife and best friend. In an atmosphere charged with sexual tension and fraught with frustrated energy, this emotional and powerful work is both an extraordinary portrait of post-war Britain and a love story for its time.

Cast: Richard Coyle (Jimmy Porter), Rachel Sterling (see Tipping the Velvet, on TV page), Mary Stockley, Ronald Pickup, Richard Harrington.

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