Gideon's Daughter

Written and Directed by Stephen Poliakoff

Miranda Richardson in Gideons Daughter A story of grief and celebrity, set in the intense spring and summer of New Labour's election victory and Diana's death, and starring Bill Nighy as a PR guru who has to stop and revaluate his world when his daughter threatens to leave his life, perhaps as revenge for his serial infidelities. Miranda Richardson also stars as a mother trying to bury her grief in an unconventional way after the loss of her young son.

Music by Adrian Johnston Conducted by Terry Davies

Soundtrack available on Demon Music
Orchestral led by Sonia Slaney Orchestra contracted by Isobel Griffiths Music Preparation by Colin Rae Recorded at Hear No Evil by Steve Parr on 19th and 20th April, 2005

Produced by Nicholas Brown for the BBC and TalkBack Productions Cinematography by Barry Ackroyd Film Editing by Ton Kinnersly Production design by James Merifield Costume design by Annie Symons


CD cover Stephen Poliakoff music by Adrian JohnstonCast includes
Robert Lyndsay
Bill Nighy
Miranda Richardson

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