Derby Day

by Bill Naughton

Adapted for the stage by Lawrence Till - World Premiere Production

Derby Day by Bill NaughtonA new play by the late writer of "Spring and Port Wine" and "Alfie". And even if the miners are out on strike and the mills down to a three day week one or two Bolton folk might just manage a flutter!

Cast: Fine Time Fontayne, Jack Smethurst, Eileen O'Brien, Rosie Cavaliero, Clive Moore, Ann Rye, Christine Cox, Ken Bradshaw, Christopher Penney, Deborah McAndrew, Kathryn Hunt, Vanessa Rosenthal

Musicians: John Rebbeck and Catherine Shrubshall, both on clarinets and saxophones.

Octagon Theatre, Bolton, 19th May - 18th June 1994

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